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Emerging Agricultural Technology Pathway

The Emerging Agricultural Technology Pathway (EAT) combines demanding agricultural career technical training with rigorous academic standards-based teaching. Upon completion of the four year course of study, EAT pathway students will be prepared for college or career.
What makes the EAT Pathway an excellent choice for students?
  • Ag Integrated Projects (Ag projects integrated in core subject classes)
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Hands on Learning
  • Internships with Various Businesses 
  • College Campus Visits
  • Guest Speakers from Ag Industry
  • Strathmore Technical Agriculture Research (S.T.A.R.) Center - Future school farm/outdoor laboratory model design will be featured soon. 
  • Advisory Board Comprised of Ag Professionals
  • Qualified Ag Teaching Staff
Why choose Agriculture?
California is the nation’s top agricultural state.
Agriculture generates approximately $37.5 billion a year.
In 2014, total production value for Tulare County was $8 billion dollars.
The agricultural industry is the largest private employer in Tulare County.
1 in every 5 jobs in the San Joaquin Valley is directly related to Ag.